Five Reasons Why Your Child Needs a Personalized Tutor

Many people shy away when tutoring is suggested for their children. Over the years a myth has developed, and many people believe that tutoring is only for struggling students or those with special needs.  That is not the case! Tutoring has numerous advantages both for the parent and the child. Below are a few reasons why tutoring could be just what your family needs.    

  • Improves study habits

Getting a tutor encourages children to learn more. Exercises given by the tutor and the hours spent reviewing class materials will help your child get ahead of others through the development of better study habits. As your child get older, studying will become a norm rather than an annoying chore. 

  • Targets the child’s needs

There is only so much that a teacher can do to attend to the specific needs of your child when managing a classroom full of student. A tutor, on the other hand, has the time to go through different learning methods while working with your child, and to implement learning strategies that best meet your child’s strengths. Your tutor will have the time to patiently listen to your child’s concerns and attend to them during the tutoring sessions. 

  • Boosts your child’s confidence

Children are often timid in class when they don’t understand a concept because they are too shy to speak it out. A one-on-one session with a tutor will give your child the freedom to express these concerns without having to worry about what classmates think. By asking for help in this safe and comfortable environment, your child will develop the confidence to speak up in class. 

  • Improves academic performance and gives peace of mind to the parents

All parents want their children to do well in school. Tutoring gives you the peace of mind that your child is learning better. Tutoring has the power to improve a child’s performance significantly. Your tutor will be able to target explanations and practice work to your child’s current understanding and unique way of learning. Good academic performance is built on a foundation of good study habits and self-confidence, two qualities that a tutor can nurture in your child.

  • Provides good challenges for gifted children  

Tutoring is not only for those falling behind in school. It is also a great way to challenge gifted children. Imagine what could be achieved through a tutor who can provide assignments and training one step above your gifted child’s current level.  By harnessing and enhancing their students’ incredible talents, our tutors bring out the best in gifted children and give them the tools to succeed.

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