Find the Right Tutor for Your Needs

It can be challenging to find a tutor for your child.  How do you know if you have found the “RIGHT” fit? 

Tutors are everywhere, from online ads to relatives who are knowledgeable in the subject or tutoring agencies. Finding the right tutor for your child shouldn’t be left to chance. It is advisable to put in some work and make sure the person you are entrusting with your child’s growth and learning will the best fit for you and your child.

So — how can you find a tutor and what should you look for when making this choice for your child? Below are a few tips that can guide you.

  • Ask your child 

This is pretty simple. In order to know who would work well with your child, find out your child’s preferences. Do they prefer a male or female tutor, someone younger or older, strict or playful? The personality and general characteristics of a tutor can influence a child’s learning. Knowing your child’s preferences and working to achieving what they want makes them feel special, heard and as a result open to learning. 

  • Pick a tutor who is an expert in the field 

Suppose that your child has problems with grade 10 math. It would be a waste of time and money to bring a tutor who has the skills only to grade 8. Each tutor you select for your child should know the subject matter inside and out to be able to explain it to your child in the simplest language and using different teaching techniques to foster understanding. 

  • Find a good tutoring agency 

Tutoring agencies are sometimes more expensive than private tutors, but they are worth it. Agencies screen tutors to ensure they are qualified to assist your child. The best tutoring agencies will provide training, backup, support, and resources to help with your child’s learning and course material. They are able to make adjustments as needed; for example, they can accommodate changes of schedules, location, or even provide you with a different tutor if needed. Communicating your child’s progress with them helps them make these necessary adjustments. 

Most importantly, tutoring agencies take the weight off your shoulder by finding the best tutor to meet the unique needs of your child. They often will guarantee your satisfaction. 

  • Make sure the price matches the service

We all want to save money, and cheaper services often catch our eyes. When it comes to tutoring, cheaper doesn’t always mean bad and overly expensive doesn’t mean great results, either. It is important for you to strike a balance when reviewing prices for tutoring, consider the subject, grade level, and overall difficulty of the course material. 

The background of your tutor will also make a difference. Teachers and those with more tutoring experience will generally charge more for their services, but if your child will work well with someone closer to their age, you might find an excellent high school or university student who will do excellent work at a much lower cost.

We hope this has been helpful in your search for the right tutor!

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