Louise conducts a tutoring assessment with a prospective client.

Book a free tutoring assessment to plan the next step in your educational journey.  EducationWise director Louise Ridout or our director of client services Victoria Reil will meet with you to discuss your tutoring needs and how we can address them.  The assessment can take place online, in your home, or at another convenient location.

During your tutoring assessment, you will have the opportunity to do the following:

  •  Learn about the EducationWise approach and philosophy
  • Discuss the student’s struggles and goals
  • Plan a tutoring schedule to meet the student’s needs
  • Receive a learning style assessment for the student
  • Learn about tutors in your area who could help the student

Assessments usually take one hour to complete. Whenever possible, it is best to have both parents present during tutoring assessments for K-12 students.
If you wish for an academic assessment, one of our tutors can do this during a tutoring session.

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