COVID-19 Policies

Many of our clients have reported that they or their children learn best in person, and have expressed gratitude that EducationWise enables them to get the tutoring support they need even during the pandemic. We will continue to offer in person tutoring as long as it is permitted by the Alberta government.

To keep our clients and tutors safe during this challenging time, and to do our part to prevent the spread of COVID-19, EducationWise requires that the following guidelines be observed by both clients and tutors.


In-Person Safety Precautions

We expect that both tutors and clients exercise utmost caution when conducting sessions in person.  Whenever tutors and students meet in person, there is a risk of COVID-19 transmission, but this risk is decreased when proper safety measures are implemented.


Wear a Mask Both the tutor and the student are required to wear a mask for the duration of the tutoring session.  If others are present in the same room during the session, they must wear masks as well.  Follow Alberta Health guidelines about properly selecting and wearing a mask.

Practice Hand Hygiene Both tutor and student must wash or sanitize hands before and after each session.

Keep Sessions One-on-One Clients are asked to help minimize household mixing by not inviting members of a third household to visit during sessions.  When two or more students are receiving tutoring, tutors and clients should divide sessions between students where possible.

Watch for Symptoms If the tutor or a member of the student’s household has COVID-19 symptoms, tutoring must be postponed or conducted online.  If the tutor or a member of the student’s household meets Alberta Health requirements to self-isolate, or has been asked to self-isolate due to contact with a COVID-19 case, tutoring must be postponed, conducted online, or that a substitute tutor be sent.

Clients are encouraged to review the Alberta Health COVID-19 symptom checklist with students before each session.


Modifications to Cancellation Policy

In order to protect the health of our tutors and to encourage transparency about COVID-19 symptoms, we have modified the cancellation policy.

If  a member of the student’s household develops symptoms within 24 hours prior to a session, and the client contacts the tutor and the EducationWise office to inform us of this prior to the session, we will waive the cancellation fee.

However, if a member of the student’s household has COVID-19 symptoms and the clients do not disclose this to the tutor, the tutor may leave the session immediately and the clients will be responsible for the payment of the full session.


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