Alexa has a long-standing, genuine appreciation for math, science, and social studies.  She approaches each teaching opportunity by encouraging her students to ask questions, as she believes the ability to ask questions freely plays an important role in meaningful learning.  She provides them with an explanation in simple terms, making sure they can understand it on their own with the simpler concept.  From there, she gradually increases the difficulty until they are able to fully grasp it, and are comfortable and confident with that concept.  She feels passionately that learning can be enjoyable to every student, and strives to help her students growth in their capabilities and wellbeing.

Alexa is working towards a bachelor of arts in psychology at Mount Royal University.  Her ambition is to earn a master’s degree in counselling so she can provide meaningful support to those struggling to maintain their mental health.  This empathy and compassionate optimism is transparently applied to her work with each and every student she commits to.  In her spare time Alexa enjoys listening to music and singing.

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