Students need to feel comfortable sharing their questions and problems before they can make progress with a tutor, which is why Ayesha focuses on connecting with her students early on in the tutoring relationship.  She strives to create a supportive learning environment in which students are not afraid to make mistakes or learn at their own pace.  When helping students master difficult concepts, Ayesha explains the basic principles, walks them through a few sample problems step by step, and then encourages them as they progress to answering questions independently.  Practice, mistakes, and inquiry make perfect, and Ayesha encourages her students to find at least two hours a day to work on what they have learned.

Ayesha is an Actuary Science major at the University of Calgary who aspires to work as an actuary when she graduates.  A self-proclaimed math and physics nerd, Ayesha loves to work through puzzles and challenges and enjoys sharing her love of science with others.

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