Daisy E.


Daisy has a deep-rooted passion for genetics and a strong interest in computers.  She brings this glowing enthusiasm into her role as a tutor, intentionally engaging with each of her students by building foundational confidence in their own abilities.  Passionate about nurturing the inner learner in each child, Daisy strives to build her students’ confidence and help them understand that they are capable of anything if they set their mind to it.  She works hard to ensure that her students are comfortable with each concept they work on together before progressing to more advanced learning.

When in high school, Daisy excelled in biology, chemistry, social studies, English, and calculus.  On top of this, she was involved in various extracurricular activities.  Daisy is currently working towards a double degree in biochemistry and computer science.  She is a competitive track athlete who loves to volunteer with children as well as animals in her spare time, and thoroughly enjoys being an active part of her community.  She finds a sense of fulfillment and joy when helping those in need.

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