Fabio is a PhD candidate in geoscience at the University of Calgary with over two years’ experience as a teaching assistant.  He first found his passion for science as a boy when his father gave him a telescope for Christmas.  From that moment he spent most nights studying the sky, learning about our universe and how it works.

Fabio’s approach to tutoring centers around passion for the subject, careful preparation, and intellectual honesty.  His strong academic background in science and his contagious enthusiasm for the subject make him a competent and engaging.  Both in the classroom and as a tutor, he receives positive feedback from students and his teaching has a demonstrable impact on their academic performance.

Fabio has always dreamed of being an astronaut.  He has many interests and hobbies outside of his field of study, and has participated in amateur theatre, played semi-professional soccer, and served as guitarist and singer in a band.

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