Maria is a science, math, and languages tutor with experience tutoring students from early elementary to post-secondary level.  Her tutoring style centers around breaking down complex principles into simple, step-by-step increments and helping students connect new concepts to familiar ones.  She finds that many students struggle in more advanced classes due to a poor understanding of basic principles, and she often begins by working on this foundational knowledge so her students have all the tools necessary to succeed in that subject.  Flash cards and practice tests are important features of her tutoring approach.  She is passionate about science, and brings fun and energy into sessions to get her students excited about what they are learning.

An undergraduate kinesiology student at the University of Calgary, Maria is pursuing a career in the field of medicine.  Promoting and sustaining a healthy lifestyle is an important part of her education and personal life.   In her free time, Maria enjoys drawing, going to the gym, and watching Netflix.

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