Troy H.


Troy is a recent University of Calgary graduate with a Bachelor of Arts in History.  He specializes in tutoring English and humanities at all levels, and also tutors elementary-level math.  When tutoring, Troy allows his students’ ideas and individuality to shine through in their work while helping them articulate their ideas in a clear and focused manner.  Another key aspect of his approach is to guide students to an understanding of the broader concepts they are being taught and the mechanics that go into learning these concepts.  Troy believes that any subject can be enjoyable if taught in a way that the student can relate to and that connects to the student’s unique interests.

Troy hopes to pursue a career as a high school English or social studies teacher.  He has written extensively in both an academic and a professional capacity, including many contributions to the University of Calgary student newspaper The Gauntlet.  In his spare time, Troy likes to ski, reads voraciously, and plays several musical instruments.

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