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Louise Ridout, Director of EducationWise

We will speak and meet with you, to determine you or your child’s specific needs with professional assessment procedures. We gather the required information that we need to provide you the proper tutoring, and we do so in a comfortable and safe environment.

Our Values

We value a holistic approach to learning.
You as a whole person are important to us.
We value and honour diversity.
We acknowledge individual learning styles and personal needs.
We care about positive experiences for our students and parents.
We strive to create convenient, enjoyable and interactive learning opportunities.
We are invested in the success of our students.
Your success is our success. We believe in you.
We value the full spectrum of knowledge and creativity.
We provide tutors who have experience in a wide variety of areas.
We value commitment to people.
We foster long-term student/tutor relationships.
We value your input.
We recognize that every student and parent have helpful ideas.
We value 100% client satisfaction.
In fact, we guarantee it.


“EducationWise was very responsive to our requests”

Our tutor was a great fit for tutoring my daughter in Mathematique 20. EducationWise was very responsive to our specific requests and matched my daughter with a tutor who was both bilingual and very familiar with the new math curriculum. The tutoring was very helpful and my daughter finished the course with a good grade.

Linda R.

Aimee, Math 20
“Our tutor helped tremendously”

Samantha was struggling with her Grade 8 Math and her math teacher in school was not helpful at all. EducationWise recommended one of their tutors to us. It was a good match, and the tutor helped Samantha tremendously with her math. Her grades improved as well as her confidence in her ability to work independently. I would highly recommend EducationWise.

Sandra K.

Samantha, Math 8
“We cannot say enough good things about her”

Charlie has done well with his tutor.  He really likes her and has worked well with her.  We cannot say enough good things about her.  We are very fortunate that he was able to have her as his tutor.  It has helped Charlie a lot.

Erika D.

Charlie, Math 4
“She taught him the skills he needed”

Our tutor brought Ryan’s reading up several levels within a very short period. She taught him the skills he needed to sound out the words and he actually tries now rather than saying “it’s too hard” and quitting. I think this was very instrumental in making him feel confident. He is starting out this New Year with a very positive attitude.

Corinne L.

Ryan, early reading
“Professional, knowledgeable, and engaging”

The tutor was excellent! She gave our son the confidence and advice he needed to succeed in his Calculus course. Through her mentorship, Josh was able attain his scholastic goals. Thank you EducationWise for sending a tutor who was professional, knowledgeable, and engaging.  Josh is now at University of Toronto at the Daniel School of Architecture.

Lisa S.

Josh, Math 31
“The quality has been excellent”

We are very happy with the tutors that EducationWise has provided. The quality has been excellent.

Nigel W.

Matteo, grades 10-11
“The tutors really care”

I would like to thank EducationWise for all their help and caring while tutoring our son. Their tutors are very good and really care about a good outcome for the people they help. I would recommend them in the future and plan on using them again as our son continues with his education.

Colleen P.

Cameron, upgrading math
“She increased my daughter’s confidence”

I just wanted to let you know what a great pick the tutor was for my daughter. She increased my daughter’s confidence and abilities. When Laura wrote the Math 20 exam today, she felt very good about it. Thank you again!

Shelley K.

Lara, Math 20
“My son now has a positive attitude towards math”

My son needed help with elementary math. The tutor was a university student and he helped my son a lot. My son’s grades improved as well as his confidence in his ability to work independently. We have been with EducationWise ever since and they are always able to accommodate our schedule. My son now has a positive attitude about math.

Kathleen C.

Noel, Math 7
“Tutor extraordinaire”

My son struggled with math concepts and lack the confidence to complete math homework. Nightly math homework was a battle, and resulted in frustration. EducationWise was great! They found the right tutor for my son. There has been a dramatic improvement with help from our tutor extraordinaire. My son is confident, and essentially enjoys math.

Kelly W.

Kier, Math 6
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In the News


In an interview with Shaw TV, Louise Ridout shared her experience as the director of a growing Calgary-based tutoring agency EducationWise.  The feature also includes interviews with parents and students that have sought tutoring support.

In the interview, Louise notes:

Teachers are not able to spend one-on-one time with that child who need something a little different, and that’s where we step in.

Watch the interview


CBC reporter Lucie Edwardson recently interviewed Louise Ridout, the director of EducationWise, a tutoring company that has been operating in Calgary for nearly two decades.  Some of the things Louise mentioned to her are:

Due to the pandemic, EducationWise has moved many of its services online, and is also continuing to offer in person tutoring services while following all Alberta Health guidelines.  We wear masks, wash hands and sanitize and distance as much as possible after reviewing the health of participants.


EducationWise is also experimenting with different ways that we can make things work for families.

Read the full story


EducationWise director Louise Ridout is interviewed by Calgary Harold’s Derek Stankey on the growth of the tutoring business in the midst of a slumping economy.  Louise observes:

We’re not just trying to help a student get a good grade.  We’re trying to mentor them a little bit so they feel they have a support person.

Read the full story


In an interview with CBC News, EducationWise director Louise Ridout discusses the impact of growing class sizes on her tutoring agency.  She comments on her experiences helping students who struggle to get the support they need in overfull classrooms.  In her words:

Their teachers just don’t have as much time as they had for them before and that’s concerning both to the students and to their parents.

Read the full story

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